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Ryan's experience as a composites technician along with his time spent glassing for Bashams Factory in CA, has given him an innovative edge. Using polyester resin or epoxy, Ryan can create almost anything and has fun doing so. So whether your on a budget and want an all white board, or an extravagant work of art with all the bells and whistles, the McDermott brothers can work with you to build the board of your dreams. Customizing options include but are not limited to:

  • resin swirls & tints

  • pin lines

  • custom airbrushing

  • single or multi color sprays & fades as well as

  • carbon, fiberglass, SCRIM, wood, fabric and printed inlays

  • Gloss, polish, sanded finishes

  • Custom stringer, foam density & color options are also available upon request


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Dings happen, and after years working with fiberglass repairing surfboards, alpine skis, boats, wakeboards, and kiteboards, Andy and Ryan have the knowledge needed to fix almost anything. They have also done a number of classic board restorations throughout the years, so just about anything can be brought back to life. The quickest and easiest way to get a quote is to bring the damaged goods to 

Black Point Surf Shop so we can give an estimate in person. If you can't make it to the shop, just email us a description of the desired work and if necessary include photos of the damage.


 Glass Shop 

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